I've lived in Dallas, Houston, and Seattle. Now I reside in New York City. Money exchanges hands fast in this city. Opportunities can be found everywhere. This city is what you make of it.


Some people say New York is a wonderful place. Some people say New York is a dangerous place. Well, I say it's a little bit of this and that. It's a wonderful place in a sense that it is truly a melting pot of races from all over the world. All cultures are well represented here. Food is great, views are awesome, and there are endless things to do. Just don't get caught in wrong part of town... and prepare to pay arm and a leg for a rent... aaand it's not all that clean to tell you the truth....


I know the ins and outs of this city as well as all the nook and cranny. I want to take you with me as I roam these streets. Let's explore the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's New York City baby, "you make it here, you make it anywhere." Right Frank?

Contact me for photoshoots. I know the best and even the worst spots of all five boroughs. #nycphotographer


Looking to boost your brand or business? I can help you promote and advertise with captivating commercials and creative ads.


Contact me for any photography and videography work. I have a passion for turning visions and ideas into visuals.

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