The good ol' Long Island Rail Road. The main mode of transportation into Manhattan if you live outside of the five boroughs. On Friday and Saturday nights, the trains are packed with young long islanders and amped up college kids ready to let loose once they get to Manhattan.

LIRR wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so expernsive. This trip I took from Queens to Huntington Station cost me $12 something. Sometimes I wonder if the cost of owning a car and the train fare even out in the long run. $12 for a hour and a half of train ride versus what is a 30 minute car ride... hmmm. Not all that clean either might I add.

When I used to work in the retail business, I knew a few MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) workers who took advantage of the system. Pension scams, workers comp frauds, even copper wire thefts are common, or so I've heard through the grapevine. With all the funds wasted on wack job union deals and scams listed above on top of the aging infrastructure, it's the New Yorkers that depend on MTA everyday that become the victims of corrupt bureaucracy.

At least Long Island Rail Road is usually on time. Unfortunately, I cannot say that for the rest of the MTA buses and subway trains. They come and go when they please, so for the most part it is pointless to look at the schedule.