They were celebrating the anniversary of the 1964 World's Fair at Flushing Meadows park today. Some folks took it back Mad Men style with their waldrobe. Lot of people were out and about considering it was a gorgeous day out. Summer Stage concerts were going on in various places in the park, and food vendors were a plenty. It sure was a great day to be out with family and friends while enjoying free music and hit or miss food choices. I say this because I had some horrible "Chinese/Brazilian grill" nonsense which was actually some undercooked sausage with marinara sauce over rice.

These "Mad Men" people gave me their contact to tag them and stuff, but I misplaced the info. I am still befuddled on what I did with the card. I swear I put it in my pocket. I hope they can find me and reach out. There were people picnicing, hanging out, throwing the ball around, and even fencing. Yes, fencing. I forgot there was a skatepark in this park. I could've got some nice shots. I will go back there when I get that fisheye lens for the ill skateboarding shots.