New York Mets is my hometown team. The first Mets game I ever went to was at Shea Stadium, which was demolished for Citi Field. That old ballpark certainly had its charms. The only reason why I went to that game was because my friend had earned two free tickets for giving blood at a blood drive. Techincally, you can say that my friend bled for me to goto a Mets games. From that point on, I was a fan. Yankees are meh.. they're ok.. they're cool. Although, Yankees games are more exciting than Mets games right now. Shaking my head..

This was a pretty good game by the way. Mets are on a tear through a losing streak, so of course they lost. I can't lie, they suck and the future looks bleek. At least I caught some cool shots. I shall be back to this place before the season is over. I will also visit the Yankee Stadium as well.

Peep the bonus shot I took looking out toward Manhattan. It was taken from a small smoking section. I was getting secondhand smoke all in my face, but it was worth it.