I took a stroll through midtown today. I was really craving some Halal Guys on 53rd St, so I just grabbed my camera and took some shots along the way. Everybody in New York City knows where to go for the official halal food. People come from Jersey to eat their stuff. Chicken and lamb combo over rice with extra white sauce for me please!

I felt like a tourist with my camera and constant photo stops. I understand why some New Yorkers would be a bit annoyed from tourists slowly strolling the streets, especially because New Yorkers are always on the go. However, I must get my shots, ha! My favorite photo from today is of the St Patrick's Cathedral. The big Old English gothic style architecture stood out amongst the sky scrappers. I would love to go inside when the renovation is done.

I wish I could've gotten more shots, but there's only so much time. At least I'm never going to run out of things to shoot in this city.